Frequently Asked Questions

We only require a few documents to get you set up. We’ve built a quick checklist for the items you will be required to have in order to get a payday loan with Cash Depot. You can read more and print the checklist here.

Our payday loans can be taken our for a maximum of $500. Our minimum loan is $50, and loan amounts go up in $25 increments.

Getting a cash loan at Cash Depot does not require a credit check, and taking out a payday loan does not affect your credit score (unless you neglect your payments, of course).
We do a check through Teletrack, which lets us know if you have other payday or cash loans taken out.

Unfortunately, no. Since new contracts have to be signed and a new check presented, you must be the one to make the payment.

If your spouse has a legal letter stating that they have power of attorney over you, then they could make the payment, with the letter provided as well.

The amount for which you qualify is based upon your net take-home pay, your bank history and Teletrack outcome*.

*For more info on Teletrack, ready the “credit check” question above.

No; we must physically examine all of the required paperwork to be able to make the decision on a loan.

We can only loan based on your current civilian payroll, and these other sources of income are not considered. Child support is considered for the child and not loan repayment, and government assistance is temporary.

We cannot, by law, provide loans to any active military.

We ask that you’ve been steadily employed for the same employer for 3 to 6 months minimum.

We require your checking account to have been open and active for 30-60 days.